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We are always on the lookout for high-quality, informative and engaging articles to add to our website. As a website that focuses on routers, modems, wifi, networking, cybersecurity, and technology, we are looking for content related to categories mentioned in next section. We provide option for free guest posting.

However, we are always open to other ideas and suggestions, so please feel free to reach out to us if you have an idea for a guest post that doesn’t fit into these categories.

Before submitting your guest post, please ensure that your article meets the following guidelines:

  • The article should be original and not previously published on any other website.
  • The article should be well-written and easy to understand.
  • The article should be informative and provide value to our readers.
  • The article should be at least 800 words in length.
  • The article should include relevant images, videos and links.
  • The article should be free of grammar and spelling errors.

Please note that we reserve the right to edit or reject any guest post that does not meet these guidelines or that we deem to be inappropriate.

To submit your guest post, please email with the following information:

  • Your full name
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  • The article in either a Microsoft Word or Google Docs format.

We look forward to hearing from you and potentially publishing your guest post on our website.

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What will We Publish for You?

We appreciate your interest in contributing a guest post to our website. As a platform that centers on routers, modems, cybersecurity, and technology, we are continuously seeking articles that pertain to the following topics:

  • Router setup and configuration
  • Wireless networking and troubleshooting
  • Router security and firewall setup
  • Modem and router compatibility
  • Router firmware updates and upgrades
  • Router and modem performance optimization
  • Router and modem troubleshooting and repair
  • Router and modem reviews and comparisons
  • Router and modem FAQs and user guides
  • Router and modem for gaming and streaming
  • Router and modem for home and office use
  • Router and modem for small business
  • Router and modem for multiple devices
  • Router and modem for remote access
  • Router and modem for VPN
  • Wi-Fi range extension and optimization
  • Network troubleshooting and optimization
  • Cybersecurity for home networks
  • Latest technology trends in routers, modems, and networking
  • How-to guides for setting up and managing routers, modems, and networks.

We welcome new and creative ideas related to routers, modems, wifi, networking, cybersecurity, and technology. If you have a guest post idea that doesn’t align with the above-mentioned categories, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What We Don’t Publish?

We do not publish any content that:

  • Is plagiarized or stolen from other sources
  • Content created using AI. (Check your content on for AI)
  • Contains hate speech, discriminatory language, or offensive content
  • Promotes illegal activities or products
  • Is not factually accurate or scientifically proven
  • Contains irrelevant links or is designed primarily to boost search engine rankings
  • Is overly self-promotional or is not in line with the theme and focus of our website
  • Is not well-written or is difficult to understand
  • Does not provide any value or insights to our readers
  • Does not align with our guidelines and terms of service.


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