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NETGEAR Genie Setup & Download

Do you want to use a simple program to set and manage your NETGEAR home router? Then, you must download & setup a desktop program/mobile app called NETGEAR Genie which is highly feasible and user-friendly. Get to know the features of the NETGEAR Genie and how can I use the NETGEAR Desktop genie to access my router remotely.

There is no need for you to be concerned if you use a Windows or a MAC operating system. This works well on both systems. Even non-techies can operate and administer their home network with the help of the NETGEAR Genie desktop/mobile app, from terminating non-authenticated users to changing the SSID. You can even diagnose the network connection if the home routers behave strangely.

NETGEAR Genie setup can be done to handle NETGEAR home routers and provides a simple dashboard for monitoring, controlling, and repairing home networks. (Ensure that the router is operating the most recent firmware; earlier firmware may not support all genie functionalities.)

NETGEAR Genie App: an overview

NETGEAR genie is an app/software program that allows you to adjust your network settings with the touch of a button. This great NETGEAR function will enable you to Monitor, Connect, and Control your network settings. This is accessible and simple to use; you can manage your NETGEAR account here. In addition, you may use the NETGEAR genie to share and stream music or movies and detect and solve network issues.

Another one of the several outstanding features of this software is the ability to operate your router remotely. While you enable the remote access option, you may connect to your network using the NETGEAR genie even when you are not at home. All you need with remote genie features is your tablet or smartphone to diagnose and repair network issues, enable guest access, view the network map, and even reset your router.

NETGEAR Genie is a desktop and laptop program that can be downloaded from the NETGEAR webpage or for more details check out our article on How to Install Netgear Genie For Windows PC? You may use this software on your mobile devices as well. You may get it through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This NETGEAR genie program allows you to monitor all routers, but it only allows you to operate and alter NETGEAR routers. This software is for everyone. Visit for recovering your admin password using the password recovery feature in NETGEAR Genie wizard.

Features of NETGEAR Genie

  • Sync the monitor, and you can keep control of your home’s network settings from your portable handheld tablet or smartphone.
  • Stream films and audio files from My Media in your network via all connected smartphones in real-time.
  • By adding Air Print capability to any printer, you may print from your phone or iPad.
  • With the EZ mobile connect function, you may secure your connection via mobiles or tablets by scanning a QR code.
  • Smartphones make it simple to use the parental control feature.
  • The Network App’s network settings may be checked and changed.
  • All Guess Access on the network is monitored in-house.
  • Using the WiFi Analytics Feature, you can keep track of your network’s WiFi analytics.
  • Debug any network problems.
NETGEAR Genie app software download and setup

NETGEAR Genie Mobile App Features

  • Network Map— Using the network map, you can see which devices are linked to our network as well as their IP addresses.
  • Traffic Meter—With the traffic meter, you can track your data use.
  • MyMedia® — You may use this to play your media files on your network.
  • EZ Mobile Connect—A new feature that allows you to connect to the network by scanning a QR code.
  • Parental Controls — to limit access.

What are the steps for NETGEAR Genie Download?

  • Open browser and then visit
  • Then click on downloads to get to NETGEAR Genie Firmware and software Download section.
  • Then select the version you are looking for.
  • A button to download Genie software will show. Click on it to start your download.

What are the steps for NETGEAR Genie Smart Setup?

  • Connect the WiFi extender to an active WiFi network.
  • Take a PC or laptop that is currently linked to the network.
  • Launch any web browser.
  • Enter the default username and password for
  • The Netgear Genie Setup page will appear. Visit for NETGEAR Router Setup.
  • Change the technical parameters as needed.

How to Connect your NETGEAR range extender to your router if the router SSID is hidden, with NETGEAR Genie’s help?

Instructions for connecting your extender to a concealed SSID:

  • Connect the range extender to a power source and wait for it to start.
  • Connect a wireless client device to the extender’s default SSID. This will launch your regular browser to the New Extender Setup page.
  • Note: If the New Extender Setup page does not appear instantly, you can access it via your browser by entering the URL:
  • Create an account to manage the extender and click NEXT.
  • On the NETGEAR genie welcome screen, select “WIFI RANGE EXTENDER” to enter setup. The setup wizard will scan for the existing wireless network that is in range.
  • If your router’s SSID is concealed, it will not appear in the list. Click NEXT after selecting “Manually enter my WiFi SSID.”
  • In the Network Name (SSID) box, enter the SSID of your router. Choose the same security setting as your router. If required, enter the password. When you press the NEXT button, the extender will join the router’s WiFi network.
  • After the extender connects to the router, you will be required to provide the SSID and password for the extender’s WiFi networks. If you want to use the same security settings and password as your router, leave them alone and continue with the setup procedure by clicking NEXT.
  • If you want to modify the SSID or password, make the adjustments and then click NEXT to finish the setup procedure.
  • Connect the client devices to the extender’s new wireless network and click Continue to complete the configuration.
  • After making the desired changes, click Logout to quit the Remote access.
  • Please keep in mind that you will lose access to the remote connection if you click the Unregister option. You must restart your local PC and return to the Desktop genie program. To recover access, log in to your Cloud Access account and click the Register option.

How can I use the NETGEAR Desktop genie to access my router remotely?

You will be able to remotely access and configure your router using your NETGEAR Desktop genie. This tutorial will walk you through the procedures necessary to allow remote access to the NETGEAR genie.


  • Wired or wireless computer
  • Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • The latest version of the NETGEAR Desktop genie.


  • Desktop genie is unable to connect to the router.
  • Need to update router settings using Desktop genie remotely


  • Install the NETGEAR Desktop genie on your local computer and remote computer. Go to this link to download the Desktop genie software. To check if your router supports NETGEAR Desktop genie, click this link.
  • Note: You will need to use your local computer first to register your router to your Remote genie account for security reasons. Once correctly setup, you can then use your remote computer to access your router remotely.
  • Launch the NETGEAR Desktop genie program on your local computer (the one linked to your router).
  • Note: If it automatically signed you in after clicking Router Settings, you may click Logout to return to the login screen.
  • To create a Remote genie account, click Sign up.
  • Fill in the fields, then click the Create button.
  • After successfully creating your Remote genie account, click OK.
  • The NETGEAR genie Support Team will send you a confirmation email. To confirm your email account, open the email and click on Confirm Email.
  • Return to the Desktop genie on your local computer when you’ve confirmed your email account.
  • Click OK to register the device. You may also register by clicking the Register button.
  • You may now log out once you’ve registered.
  • Open the NETGEAR Desktop genie program on your remote computer (the PC that is not connected to your network).
  • Log in with your Remote genie account and click on Router Settings.
  • When you log in, a cloud symbol will appear in the upper-right corner of the Desktop genie window. This indicates that you are remotely administering this router functionality.
  • Wireless Settings, Guest Access, Traffic Meter, Parental Control, and Reboot settings may now be managed or edited. To access the additional choices, click on the tabs at the top. More advanced features will be included in future updates.
  • After making the desired changes, click Logout to quit the Remote access.
  • Please bear in mind that you will lose access to the remote connection if you click the Unregister option. You must restart your local PC and return to the Desktop genie program. To recover access, log in to your Cloud Access account and click the Register option.
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