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Last Updated on September 21, 2022

It is simple to setup a NETGEAR router without a modem. You would need to navigate through the router web interface and then make some changes. It may appear complex, but it is relatively simple. As a result, anyone can quickly do the NETGEAR router setup by themselves. This section will show you how to install a NETGEAR wireless router without a modem in the most straightforward method possible.

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Steps to setup a NETGEAR WiFi router without a modem:

Approx Time Needed: 30 minutes.

Some of the steps you must take to setup a NETGEAR WiFi router without a modem

  • To begin, disconnect your router’s power wires.

  • If your router or modem has a backup battery installed, you must remove it for the time being.

  • Connect the modem to the internet port on the NETGEAR router using a Cat5 ethernet cable.

  • Connect the LAN ports of your NETGEAR router to the ethernet port of your PC with an Ethernet cable.

  • Turn on your modem and wait for a few minutes for all the lights to be stable.

  • After turning on the modem, turn on your NETGEAR router and wait for all the lights to be stable.

  • Open your web browser.

  • Type in the address bar at the top and hit Enter.

  • Enter the default user name and password.

    Note: The default user name is admin, and the default password is password.
    Important: If you have not enabled Netgear password recovery in your router and have forgotten or changed your password, you will have to reset the Netgear router to factory default. Please click on the following link to see how I perform a factory reset on my NETGEAR router?.

  • After factory reset, click Advance > setup.

  • You will see the Setup wizard on your screen.

  • Select Yes to auto-detect the type of internet and hit Next.

  • Wait for few minutes for setup to complete.

  • Once completed, you will see the Congratulations! Page displaying your network name (SSID) and password. Again, you may print and save it for the future.

  • Click on the “Take me to the internet” tab, and you can check your internet is working.

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