Does Incognito Mode Hide IP Address Like a VPN?

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In today’s digital age, privacy is a top concern for internet users. Many turn to incognito mode as a means of protecting their online activities from prying eyes. One common belief is that incognito mode hides your IP address, offering complete anonymity. Let’s explore the realities of incognito mode and know the answer to the question– Does incognito mode hide IP address?

Does Incognito Mode Hide IP Address Like a VPN?

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The Short Answer

So, does incognito mode hide IP address? No, going incognito doesn’t make you invisible online. Your IP address is like your digital footprint, and it’s still visible to websites you visit, your internet provider, and others. Incognito mode keeps your browsing history private on your device.


Why Your IP Address Remains Exposed

1. Website Servers Need Your IP Address

Browsing a website is like asking for directions. Your web browser stops and asks someone (the website’s server) how to get to a place. To understand the direction, the person needs to know where you’re starting from, like your home address. This is how your browser and websites find their way around the internet.

2. Your ISP Knows Your IP Address

Your internet company connects your device to the internet and gives it a special address called an IP address. They always know this address because they help send and receive data from your device to the internet. So they can see what you do online, even when you use incognito mode.

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3. Tracking and Analytics Tools

The web is a curious place – it’s like a digital detective agency. Websites use tracking tools to follow your online footsteps. Even if you think the incognito mode is your secret disguise, they can still track which websites you visit, what you explore, and how long you stay. Your online secrets might not be safe!

What Incognito Mode Does

Incognito mode primarily focuses on local privacy and leaves your IP address untouched. It offers the following privacy features:

1. Browsing History

In incognito mode, your browsing history is not stored. This means that the websites you visit during your session will not appear in your browser’s history. However, this only affects the history stored on your local device, and it doesn’t have any impact on the information collected by websites and servers you visit.

2. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on your device to remember your preferences and login sessions. In incognito mode, cookies are not saved between browsing sessions. This can prevent websites from recognizing you during your next visit if you log out or close your browser.

3. Web Forms

Incognito Mode also avoids storing cached files, which can be useful in preventing others from seeing the web pages you’ve visited when using a shared computer. However, these files are still stored temporarily during your browsing session.


When Incognito Mode is Useful

While incognito mode doesn’t hide your IP address or provide complete anonymity, it does have its uses:

1. Protecting Local Privacy

Incognito mode can help maintain privacy on a shared computer by preventing the storage of your browsing history, login information, and cookies.

2. Avoiding Personalization

Using incognito mode can prevent websites and search engines from tailoring their content based on your previous browsing history.

3. Testing and Debugging

Web developers often use incognito mode to test websites without cached data or cookies interfering with the process.

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How To Enhance Online Privacy Beyond Incognito Mode

If you’re concerned about online privacy and anonymity, there are additional steps you can take beyond using incognito mode:

1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Tired of online surveillance? A VPN is your ticket to online privacy. It disguises your IP address, making you invisible. Yet, not all VPNs are trustworthy. Paid services guarantee your privacy, security, and speed, while free ones might fall short. You also have to consider the purpose of using a VPN while buying one.

For instance, if your purpose is online security, you need a VPN with stringent security and privacy features. On the other hand, if your only purpose to get a VPN is to stream geo-restricted content on Kodi, you will need one that has servers all over the world and offers decent streaming speed. 

Firestickhow has a list of the best VPNs for Kodi that you can use to make a decision. These will ensure that you are able to hide your online identity while streaming your favourite TV shows, movies, or other content.

2. Tor Browser

Tor, or The Onion Router, is your online disguise. It routes your internet traffic through a network of friendly volunteer computers, making it incredibly challenging for anyone to track you down. But be ready for a slower internet experience.

3. Browser Privacy Settings

Online anonymity can be within your reach with your web browser’s privacy settings. Browsers like DuckduckGo and browser extensions ensure that your online activities aren’t tracked and help maintain your privacy by disabling third-party cookies, pop-up blocking, and tracking script prevention. 

By leveraging these, you can curb the data collected by websites and third-party trackers while maintaining your digital cloak.

4. HTTPS and Encrypted Connections

Look for websites that use HTTPS, which encrypts the connection between your browser and the website’s server. This encryption can make it more challenging for eavesdroppers to intercept your data. Many websites now use HTTPS by default.

5. Clear Cookies and Cache

Even in incognito mode, it’s a good practice to periodically clear your browser’s cookies and cache to reduce the footprint of your online activities.

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Now you know the answer to the question– Does incognito mode hide IP address? Incognito mode is a useful feature for maintaining local privacy by preventing the storage of browsing data on your device. However, it does not hide your IP address from websites, your ISP, or tracking and analytical tools. For that, you will have to use one of the methods mentioned in this article. Safe browsing!

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