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How do I retrieve my NETGEAR admin password?

If you have just purchased a new Netgear router or an old router and facing trouble logging in. Here we have explained in detail how to retrieve your NETGEAR admin password. Important: If you have not enabled Netgear password recovery in your router and have...

How do I log in to my NETGEAR home router?

There are two ways to login into your NETGEAR home router: Nighthawk mobile app.Web browser. Steps to log in to your NETGEAR router with the Nighthawk app: Open your web browser.Go to the Nighthawk app. Visit this link to check which...

How do I lookup my NETGEAR home serial number?

A serial number (SN) is assigned to each product to distinguish that product from all others. Lookup NETGEAR serial number to determine product warranty, Product version, Theft, Product registration, and many other uses depending upon the company. Manufacturing...

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